RP Affiliates Offering SEO Masterclass

May 4, 2015

Affiliates are always looking for ways to enhance their sites and draw in more players and with the Royal Panda Affiliate program, registered affiliates can increase traffic and win an awesome SEO Masterclass. If five depositing players are referred over the next two months, affiliates could win three great marketing courses that can help increase traffic, boost ratings and get more players signed up. This is a great opportunity for any affiliate and it is only available through Royal Panda.

The deluxe learning course is loaded with tools and information that will get sites soaring. There are more than 60 different lectures that can be enjoyed along with videos that offer SEO advice for all. This is one of the best ways to propel sites and start earning more with the tiered commission plan with RP Affiliates.

Every new affiliate will start with a 50% commission plan for the first two months of the program. Following that time, the commission will depend on the revenue that is generated through referrals. Those that generate between $0 and $5000 per month will get 35%, between $5001 and $10000 get 40% and $10001 to $30000 get 45%. The maximum commission of 50% is earned with revenue of $30000 ad more. There are also bonus commissions for getting players to sign up. Attracting between 10 and 24 new players will earn a 5% bonus commission and this can be increased to 50% by attracting 50 or more depositing players.

Royal Panda affiliates is one of the best programs out there are with stellar commissions and this latest SEO giveaway, there is no better time to sign up. As an affiliate, one will enjoy lifetime revenue and no negative carryover. There are also fast payments that are offered and some superb promotions that are announced through newsletters. At RP Affiliates, the goal is to create successful affiliates that will generate income while promoting one of the best online casinos in the industry.

Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from these SEO tools and lectures. Just get five players to sign up and open real money accounts and have the chance to be the winner of this amazing giveaway that can only lead to increased profits.

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