Mojo Promotes Proprietary Brand

March 9, 2015

Being an online casino affiliate is a great way to earn some money every month, but it is important to choose the right affiliate program to meet your earning goals. At Mojo Affiliates, one can enjoy a great payment structure and will be promoting one of the top proprietary brands in the industry. This affiliate program aims to develop the most profitable relationship with affiliates and offers outstanding revenue. Since 2010, this program has been one of the top choices for new affiliates and since there is just one brand to promote, it is easy to get started. With the proprietary brand, affiliates will be promoting a site that offers awesome games, great payouts and an overall pleasant gambling experience.

The commission plan at Mojo is competitive and will offer a great way to generate ongoing income every month. The plan offers a 35% revenue share across the casino, poker and sportsbook products. Any affiliate that is able to generate good traffic over time will make more money from the program. There is also the ability to create a custom CPA or a special payment deal that will offer more benefits. This is only available to those affiliates that are generating significant traffic.

There is also another way to earn with this program. Mojo offers a 10% referral payment for any affiliate that one refers to the program. This is just one more way to start earning money online by promoting a trusted and respected online gambling site.

There are many benefits to becoming an affiliate with Mojo. There are always updated marketing tools and information available and every new promotion will have a specific banner for promotional needs. There are also statistics that can be used by all affiliates to monitor their performance of all campaigns. Mojo will also provide a massive library of XML feeds that will allow players to easily promote jackpots, tournaments and other information that will help to bring in new players on a regular basis.

With Mojo, affiliates are not on their own. They can contact managers to get information and even ask for assistance in developing content for sites or info on how to attract more players. The support team is exceptional and there is always someone available to assist any affiliate with any issue.

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