Benefits of Netkan Affiliate Program

May 18, 2015

Affiliates are well aware that there are hundreds of programs that are available, all offering affiliates the chance to generate income by attracting real money players to a specific casino site. There always seems to be new programs popping up and affiliates need to be aware of scams and know which to avoid and which offer great benefits. At Netkan, there are some amazing reasons to become an affiliate and the program is one of the more rewarding ones in existence. With this program, affiliates will be able to promote awesome casino games that will be new to the most experienced players, so it is something unique and different that will surely draw the attention of players.

With this program, the first three months will offer an amazing 60% revenue share. After that time, affiliates will earn between 35% and 50% based on the number of referrals that have been made and the revenue that is generated from those players. One of the great things about this program is that there is no negative carryover. Another benefit is that Netkan is the operator as well as the game provider, so no money is lost to licensing fees as with typical online casino affiliate programs.

Players will immediately see some great benefits as well as there is a superb 200% match bonus that is offered to new players in the Chomp Casino and the Sapphire Room. This bonus is offered on the first deposit, so not only will affiliates benefit as players sign up, but players will also benefit from a nice chunk of free casino cash.

The program offers great, marketing tools and will assist all affiliates when needed. The goal is to have each and every affiliate be successful and draw in new players on a regular basis. To help with this, Netkan offers banners, landing pages and many more tools that can be used to attract the attention of possible players. With an award winning platform, Income Access, affiliates will easily be able to manage their accounts with no problems.

While Netkan may not be the most well known affiliate program out there, there are certainly some great benefits that can be enjoyed. This program enables affiliates to earn some of the best commissions and will direct players to innovative games that cannot be found elsewhere.

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