Affiliates and Closing Casinos

February 23, 2015

Online casino affiliates should have some concerns about the closing of many online casinos. Over the past few years, a number of sites that drew much traffic have closed and this has greatly affected affiliates. There is always the risk of this happening, which is why affiliates need to know what to do if their top earning online casino closes. When this happens, the affiliate usually takes a huge hit and will suffer serious financial losses. While the closing of an online casino is completely out of the hands of the affiliate, there are some things that can be done to limit the results if a casino site should close.

A closing casino can cause much turmoil and in many cases, there is not enough money left to pay all outstanding accounts. This means that affiliates cannot waste any time. They have to contact the affiliate manager as soon as possible once the closure occurs or is even heard of. Do keep in mind that many other affiliates will be contacting the manager as well, so be patient and wait for a response. If the company is an honest one, there will already be a plan in place to pay off the outstanding claims. The sooner an affiliate gets their claim in, the sooner it will get paid.

It is important to stay updated on industry news. Affiliates that visit forums on a regular basis may have an advantage of hearing about a possible closure before it happens. This will allow the affiliate to make a decision and will provide them some extra time to sign up with a new affiliate before they suffer huge losses from a closing.

In most cases, affiliates will suffer losses when an online casino closes and there is very little that can be done about that. It is not worth spending time trying to chase down revenue from a partner that is not returning calls or emails. There is the option of pursuing legal action, but this will drag things out longer than they need to be. However, if there is a substantial amount of money that is owed, then this is definitely worth looking at. Closing online casinos can affect hundreds of affiliates, so being prepared is the best way to deal with this situation.

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