Our directory lists and highlights some good resources for marketing and promoting affiliate programs online. We've put together links that we believe will be helpful to both markets as well as players should they stumble upon our website. We try to maintain a listing of good quality sites that we think others such as yourself may find useful. If you find any dead links on our site or if you have any recommendations for sites you believe may be helpful to others that may pass by this page in the future please let us know. To contact us go to our contact page and fill out the form found there.

Affiliate Resources

We've listed a few resources that can be found on the home page of AdvertNews but wanted to list a few more that we think may be useful.

Casino Affiliate Program Links

These are affiliate programs that we recommend and suggest signing up with if you're interested in marketing and promoting online casino sites.

Non-US Player Accepting Casino Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs promote client websites (online casinos) that DO NOT accept US players. Players referred to casinos as part of any of the below listed affiliate programs will not be permitted. If you have US traffic that you're looking to monetize it's best to promote affiliate programs that offer casinos that do accept players from the US. See the section below for such affiliate programs. We've also ordered the affiliate programs by those we believe offer the best product, service, commissions and overall service.

  1. Bright Share
  2. Fortune Affiliates
  3. Star Partner

US Player Accepting Casino Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs promote client websites (online casinos) that DO accept US players. If you're an affiliate with US traffic we highly recommend these to promote. The affiliate programs below are organized in order of preference of those we believe to be the best US player accepting online casino affiliate programs.

  1. Affiliate Edge
  2. Affactive
  3. Ace Revenue
  4. Main Street Affiliates

Links for Players

The links below are intended for players who are interested in learning more about online casinos, gambling online, where to play and generally more about gambling.

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Learn the basics of what affiliate marketing is all about and how to make money. More…

Casino Affiliate Programs?

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Choosing an Affiliate Program

Learn how to go about choosing casino affiliate programs to market to online. More…