Casino Affiliate Programs

Casino affiliate programs are offered by operators that want assistance in drawing traffic to the online casino. This is a great opportunity for people who already have their own website or blog and can generate some great amounts of income. By becoming a casino affiliate, you will be able to promote the casino and earn commission based on the number of people that visit and play at the site as well as how much they play and wager. As an affiliate, there are two different revenue models that are used. These are CPA, or Cost Per Acquisition Model and the Rev Share Model. Each of these provide different benefits.

As an affiliate, choosing an operator based on the revenue model used is a common practice. Some affiliates will prefer one model over the other. They each are a great way to generate income, but they have some differences. By learning these differences, affiliates can be better prepared and educated when they are searching for an affiliate program.

The CPA model is one that pays a set amount of money for every player that is referred to the casino. Before an affiliate is paid using this model, the player must meet certain requirements. The main benefit of this model is that the affiliate will receive the set amount as soon as the player meets the stated requirements. However, there is also a negative side to this model. It is possible the affiliate could be losing a lot of money by opting for this model. For example, if the affiliate program offers $100 for each player referred, the affiliate will receive a quick onetime payment. If that referred player remains loyal to the casino and spends a lot of cash, the affiliate will receive no additional payment past the one time payout for the referral.

With Rev Share, affiliates will be paid a percentage of a player’s rake, in online poker, or a percentage of their wagers over time in the casino. There is no upfront money with this model, but the affiliate has the potential to earn as long as the player remains at that online casino. The biggest benefit of this revenue model is the amount of money that can be generated. Over period of time, affiliates will find this model to be far more lucrative. While it may take a few month to earn more than the CPA deal, affiliates have to remember that these payments continue as long as the player remains active at the site. The negative side of the Rev Share model is that there is no guarantee that any money will be earned at all. Even if the affiliate refers five players in a single day, if none of them stay at the casino, the affiliate will not get paid.

Making the choice between CPA and Rev Share is a personal decision and is based on risk tolerance. Affiliates looking for fast payments will benefit from CPA, both those in it for the long haul will definitely benefit from taking the risks associated with the Rev Share model.

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